Atlanta’s Park Over GA400, Atlanta, GA, United States
Rogers Partners Architects+Urban Designers

Slicing through the heart of the Buckhead neighbourhood in Atlanta, a busy freeway has fragmented the community for many years. A new, 9-acre park over the highway will make the area whole again, providing green space and connectivity in a neighbourhood known for high-end development, luxury malls, and traffic congestion. Robust planting, noise mitigation of GA400, increased walkability, and connections to transit will transform the neighbourhood. We are working with Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects to create the front yard and centre of the Buckhead District.

Atlanta’s Park Over GA400 will provide distinct experiences including the Commons for picnics and casual gatherings, a grand Plaza with vibrant edges and a large public display at the train stop, lush Gardens for immersive nature and art walks. An allée of high-canopied pines provides a defining structural element to the sequence of spaces. Enveloping plantings derived from native Piedmont plant communities provide ecological function by reducing the heat island effect, capturing stormwater, and supporting native flora and fauna.

The park is envisioned as a model for the multimodal future of Atlanta, improving walkability and access to the MARTA rail station. Activated pedestrian paths will encourage foot traffic into the park; PATH400, a bike and recreation trail to the north and south of the site, will be integrated. Atlanta’s Park Over GA400 will raise the profile of Atlanta as a visionary 21st-century city, contributing to both the local economy and quality of life much like the famed linear parks of Paris and New York.

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