Brick House, Jarash, Jordan
Paradigm Design House

Nestled in one of Jerash's isolated mountains, this holiday home was built to be a place of retreat for the client, away from the bustle of the city.

The idea was to morph the building with the natural flow of the topography by placing the body of the house within the different levels of the mountain, orienting it towards the views. Therefore the house was divided into three levels; Access is through the uppermost entry level, the main house functions in the middle, and the indoor wet area at the lowest recreational level. Adjacent to stairs connecting the two lowest levels, a naturally-planted berm penetrates the building.

In an attempt to stay connected to the views, yet at the same time offer privacy and climate control, a double skin treatment with a climatic buffer was used for the main facade.

An idea of redefining a perforated skin using local familiar material and techniques was required; Autoclaved aerated concrete bricks (AAC) were arranged with varying slots to allow in different amounts of light, depending on the relation between the scenery and the spatial function. This arrangement transforms the house from a rigid piece of architecture into a glowing lantern that spreads out different light patterns and silhouettes of different opacities, making it stand out as a unique feature in the landscape. At times, this outer skin disintegrates opening up completely to the views.

The AAC used was custom-made locally to minimize the weight of each block, and to obtain the specific color required to match the context. After construction, materials will be left in their natural form with minimal finishing, reducing the required manpower. Nature will also remain in its original form, with cuts showing the layering of the rock formations to replace bulky retaining walls.

Completion Date: March 2016

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