Adept, Copenhagen, Denmark


ADEPT is based in Copenhagen and works within the fields of architecture and urbanism. ADEPT only takes part in deliberately selected projects, which makes is possible to achieve the high quality level that characterizes ADEPTs professional results. 


With a specific focus on the human scale in cities and buildings, ADEPT creates innovative projects that challenges the limits of public life and helps define new ways to live and be together. 

ADEPT develops and rethinks the relationship between the city and the building - between the built and the non-built environment. It is a continuous search for a close relationship between architecture and urbanism. It is an engagement with city spaces and the limits of the public realm, which generates new forms of space in our work.


Through a careful reading of the challenges associated with a given project, a series of different solutions are proposed. In any given project, various options are developed and challenged in extensive physical model studies. Through this method of development, all possible solutions are processed until only a single solution is left: the main concept. 

The intention is to combine a single strong architectural concept with complex human scaled spaces and a sensitive detailing. This approach allows you to explore and discover our buildings and urban spaces on many levels. 


Besides our two recently finished projects, the Dalarna Media Library (2014, SE) and the refurbishment of the listed Radiohouse (2014, DK), attached images include the culture house ‘Ku.Be.’ (2016, DK) that is currently under construction. To illuminate our professional range even further, we have included the recently won urban development ‘Kolkajen’, a new mixed city area in Stockholm (1. prize 2014, SE), starting its planning process this spring.

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