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Nils Johan Mansåker

Fortunen architects

Nils Johan Mannsåker is the managing director, design leader and co-owner of Fortunen architects. He has a long and wide experience in both design and process leading of projects. The projects vary in scale from small design-object to city planning.

Amongst the wide range of projects  of the office, designing and planning for  the upgrowing  generation has been of a great interest, such as Boensmoen primary school, Karuss mixed school and Kleppestø secondary school.

Nils also has several years of teaching at the Bergen school of Architecture, and holding lectures at a wide range of design and architectural educations.

From 2002-2010 Nils was the leader of the Architectural Council of National Touristroutes of Norway.

He was also the designer in charge of the ward winning Skjervet pavilion of the National touristroutes, which opened 2016.

At the moment Nils and Fortunen  work  with the cityplanning of two districts of the beautiful Norwegian city of Bergen, planned to contain up to 8.000 new dwellings, and aincludes several exciting design and architectural objects, such as the new theatre in Bergen.

Winner of

Wan Award colour in Architecture 2015

Wan Award small spaces 2016

Small Spaces  2017

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