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Katja Viltoft

JJW Architects

Katja Viltoft is partner and creative manager, at JJW Architects where she heads learning and commercial projects. She is a trained architect with 20+ years of experience, and is also trained as a DGNB-consultant, holds a mini-MBA in leadership in creative business’, and is a board member at The Danish Association of Architectural Firms. JJW Architects firmly believe that schools are places for learning as well as places for the pupil’s social development. Hence Katja’s overall architectural approach is based on social sustainability, and she creates spaces where pupils, students and employees constantly are nudged to learn, work and socialize. The learning – socializing aspect is apparent in South Harbour School, Winner of WAN Education Award ’16, as well as her client advisory for University City College at Carlsberg (57.000 square meters and 10.000 students) where she has been responsible for user involvement sessions, programming and strategies for design and space planning. Katja equally believes that working spaces are places for working, learning, and engaging with colleagues. As client advisor for TRYG, one of Scandinavia’s largest insurance companies, head offices in Denmark and Norway as well as various governmental institutions in Denmark, she has used a social sustainability approach to create working/life time learning spaces that increase job satisfaction and efficiency.

JJW Architects were founded in 1986 and is one of Denmark’s largest Architectural firms with more than 80 employees. 

Education  2017

Future Projects  2017

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