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Helle Juul

Juul Frost Architects (JFA)

CEO and founding partner

Helle Juul has overall responsibility for national and international urban projects at Juul Frost Architects (JFA), Copenhagen. She also teaches and researches and is a consultant for many of the largest educational institutions in the field of urban campus development. The application of research is one of the recurrent themes during Helle Juul’s career, which to a high degree has also defined JFAs DNA. Helle Juul is responsible for ’Urban Space as a Development Strategy’, which developed a new approach to the function of public spaces as a catalyst for city development by focussing on transformation and significance as strategic instruments. 

Helle Juul is strongly engaged by the ways in which globalisation, coupled with the current urbanisation, is creating new conditions for our cities. The cosmopolitical change gives focus to a new form of public culture. Presently, multiculturalism, otherliness and ’the foreign’ are conditions that continuously make new demands on urban planning: The value plural city - places, spaces and activities which create awareness and provide insight and understanding of that otherliness. In order to meet that development, Helle Juul emphasizes that urban space should be a platform for ex-change for a city’s varied population. Intercultural planning accepts diversity as a norm, which requires an inclusive strategy. Public space can be society’s social glue. New urban spaces require new hybrid strategies that correspond to changes in society.

Future Projects  2016

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