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Immersive Technology in the Built Environment
Event Date 29/06/2018
Location Sadler’s Wells, London
Country United Kingdom
Description Immersive Technology in the Built Environment is a brand new conference looking at the application of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence within the AEC community.
This event is a unique opportunity to get up to date with what’s new through a series of case studies, panel discussions and demonstrations to an audience of 100+ architects, developers and engineers on Friday 29th June at Sadler's Wells in London.

Moreover this event will address how to apply immersive technologies in you work, ensuring a seamless workflow within project teams.

Why attend?

Be inspired to use the latest technologies applicable to your practice through hearing from a selection of awe-inspiring case studies and see the technology in action.

Understand how new available technologies work, along with their risks; allowing you to examine opportunities for cost savings that they could offer your practice.

Identify cost savings and business streamlining opportunities. From the case studies presented, you will see immersive tech as a way of either saving cost to the business, or streamlining the business/design processes of a project.

Become more confident in using immersive technologies by trialling them throughout the day. You will practically see how you can utilise these in your day to day work.

Learn how immersive technologies are becoming mainstream. It is set to become a design influencer rather than a bolt-on to practice. Gain knowledge from experts in the field so you don’t get left behind.
URL www.worldarchitecturenews.com/IMBE2018/