WAN Awards 2018
Chalet/extension Wooden house The Beacon Hongqi Zhen Sugar Factory Town Master Plan WUC18 Task Force 100 Norfolk
54 Bond Street Sibson Building GCoM-SA and C40 cities V&A Dundee C40 cities TIME SPACE EXISTENCE exhibition
Trego Road The Ellipsicoon i9 building The Discus Croft Residence Tirana Pyramid
Paisley Museum Gasklockan Hubert Perrodo Building Tech Spot #106: Willis Tower lift upgrade Warwick Street Prix du XXe siècle
Tech Spot #105: LUCEM concrete panels Will Alsop 1947- 2018 How will VR, AR, MR and AI technology impact the AEC community? Design Council to partner with WAN on IMBE 2018 WAN Urban Challenge 2018 Winners Announcement Belmont Park
Station quarter C.F. MØLLER PROFILE Sugar House Island Place-making 53 Great Suffolk Street Canal Art Center