WAN AWARDS 2018 Shortlists Announcement Bronx Charter School Atlantic Pavilion Taronga Institute of Science and Learning Innovation Centre Stirling Prize Shortlist
New Sports Building MacKimmie tower ANSYS Hall and TCS Hall Sports Centre University of Winchester, West Downs Building UCL
UCD Future Campus Sibson Building Hubert Perrodo Building C.F. MØLLER PROFILE Innovation centre and campus hub Neuron Pod
Lushan Primary School The Geoff Handbury Science and Technology Hub Clare County Library Susan & Benjamin Winter Visual Arts Center School of Continuing Studies Student housing
Wadham College Cavendish Laboratory 2018 WAN AWARDS SHL and Perkins+Will Tech Spot 97: Proteus bronze façade Norwegian Geotechnical Institute
Milan University Business School New Islands Brygge School The Bradfield Centre Helsinki Central Library OODI Leonard De Vinci High School reconstruction
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